Tips to Secure an Awesome Date Night

Ready to rock your date’s world? The tips below can help ensure the evening that you plan is one that none of you will soon forget. Don’t forsake a good evening out with your date by missing out on this information.

Plan the Evening

Your date will be impressed when you have the evening planned out perfectly rather than doing things on a whim. Make sure that you’ve included her ideas for the evening into the agenda and let the good times roll.

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Put Down Your Phone

We are connected via technology, but there is a time and a place for everything. A first date (or second or third, for that matter) is not the time to play games on your phone or check out the latest NFL updates. Make the date technology-free and enjoy the company of one another.


Most of us just want to be heard. If you may commit to a relationship with a person, listening is important. Make sure that you talk so the date doesn’t feel awkward but make sure that you also listen to the things that your date says and wants you to know!

Be Yourself

You cannot enjoy time with another person or build a relationship with them if you are not yourself. Eventually, the real you will come out and show itself. Might as well do it before you’re in too deep. Your date will appreciate you more for your honesty.

Dress to Impress

Your first impression can make or break the date. Make sure that the latter does not apply and dress to impress. Visit the barbershop berkeley before you head out for the evening, splash on your favorite cologne, and choose an outfit that makes you look good!